Nowadays, weddings have a high level of pizzazz more than ever thanks to the giant paper flowers. These flowers can be used as photo backdrops or at the reception to add bloom to the place. The use of the flowers is not limited to weddings only. They can also be used for home decor, workroom decor or even at parties.


Giant paper flowers are handmade in simple DIY steps. The process is time consuming especially if you want your living room or wedding backdrop to be diverse. Below are some pointers to assist you in making the most beautiful giant paper flower backdrop;

  • Try out different color palette

The one thing that is evident in wedding giant paper flower backdrops is flawlessness. The backdrops have matched up colors that blend well with each other. The same should be seen in home and party decor paper flowers. Before making the flowers, experiment the different shades of colors to see which ones add variety and which ones color clash. Though flowers are beautiful, the wrong color mix can lead to absolute decoration disaster.


  • Mix it up (giant paper flower)

Whether you are making giant paper flower for display in the living room, bedroom or parties, it is always good to mix up things a little. Have different types of flower designs such as roses, hibiscus, camellias or anemones as the backdrops. The flowers should complement each other without each one being more outstanding than the other. Avoid bunching up similar colors and flowers together else it will be a plain simple boring wedding backdrop.


The size of the flowers should also be considered for uniformity. You can separate the bigger flowers with smaller ones. The distance between the flowers should just be enough to display the bloom. They should not clump up together.

  • Do a trial layout

You will want everything to be perfect. It is, therefore, necessary to try out the different layout to see which one looks best. This way you will know whether the roses look better at the top, middle or bottom of the backdrop.  While trying the different layouts, consider the size of the backdrop and the type. It might be a wall or a fabric backdrop. Each layout should match the type of the backdrop.


Patience is key with giant paper flower decor. Rushing things may lead to mistakes such as stretched or twisted paper flowers. One should also take into consideration what to use to connect the flowers, be it green twine, floral tape or wires. Creating unique, custom-made blooms to make an impact at your wedding, event or in your home decor is simple following these tips.

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